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TheWarezFolder & Our Services…

TheWarezFolder is a network of file sharing websites & services collaborating with each-other to provide a seamless, easy to use, user experience.

The following websites fall under these Rules & Guidelines:

The Following websites are excluded from these rules:

These websites have their own set of rules that should be read to avoid termination.

Forum Rules

Please Note: Unless if you are posting on xFuxx.com, PornBB.co or Porn-w.net we ask that you refrain from posting adult material, pornographic material or anything that contains extreme graphic sex scenes, eg: Nymphomaniac.

General Rules

1. The only language spoken/written on this forum is English.(Unless if you are posting on PunjabiWarez.com, RuWarez.net, or GermanWarez.com)
2. Flaming/Spamming/Rudeness will not be tolerated.
3. Please post in correct section(s). Read the forum descriptions before posting.
4. Please do not hijack other members threads by going off topic. Always stay relevant to the topic.
5. Do not post adult or pornographic material (image, text, video, links, passwords etc.). this will result in an immediate ban.
6. Do not use offensive text such as discrimination, racism, or swearing.
7. We urge you not to post advertisements/spam.
8. Information is very important so please always add it to your post.
9. All links posted on the forum including IMDb and homepage info links etc. must be coded including internal links. [code][/code]
10. All images posted must be wrapped in image tags. [img] [/img]
11. Do not post hacking utilities, flooders, spam tools, virus making tools/tutorials, or anything that can do potential damage.
12. Do not attempt to bypass our word censor, this may result in a warning or ban.
13. All requests must be in appropriate section or they will be trashed.
14. Please do not post your links more than once.
15. Forum flooding – Posting of shares with the same topic/title/scene release but different links isn’t permitted. Use the edit button to add fresh links to your post/s.
16. You must comply with all of these rules when using PM, Avatar and Signature functions.
17. Do not post any asterisks or any other weird signs to get attention for your post.
18. Creating multi-threads/mega-threads is permitted. These are your responsibility! If you do not maintain them, the thread will be trashed.
19. Do not post masked, protected or redirecting links, only direct download links are permitted. Surveys for downloads are also prohibited. Links to torrents are not allowed. DO NOT POST EXE FILES. (The Only URL shortener we accept is Nexte.co)
20. Do not post links to files requiring premium accounts. (Unless if you have non-premium alternative links.)
21. Multiple registrations/accounts are prohibited. This will result in the immediate banning of all accounts EXCEPT the original. Posts associated with the banned accounts will be trashed.
22. All members must respond to PMs from staff members in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in posting permissions in the download areas being suspended until they respond. Chronic offenders will have their posting permissions suspended in the download areas permanently.

TheWarezFolder staff reserve the right to edit/modify/remove any post at any time with or without notice.
We also reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the forum rules.

We also reserve the right to IP ban any user from the entire network if a user is found consistently breaking the rules.

How to Become a Staff Member?
If we think you are doing great and if we need more staff members we will contact you. We may also post a thread in the announcement section of our boards informing users applications are open.

Staff members may receive a trial period in order to build trust with the forums and the community.